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The Potential Impact Of Social Media On Your Workers’ Comp Or Disability Claim

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In today’s world, social media is a daily part of the lives of millions of people. Whether posting on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, many people think nothing of posting various photos and updates about what they doing at that particular moment. However, for those people who may be involved in workers’ compensation or disability claims, what are thought to be innocent posts and photos could actually do significant harm to their claims. Since an employer can deny workers’ compensation based on a number of factors, it is crucial those who submit claims make all the right decisions while the process plays out. One of the best ways to do so is by hiring the services of a skilled workers compensation attorney, who can then guide them through the process.

How Social Media Posts Can be Used Against You

Surprisingly to many people, social media posts can be used against them by employers and insurance companies in numerous ways, including:

  • Finding posts suggesting injuries were caused by other activities
  • Injuries happened earlier or later than originally claimed
  • Finding photos or posts showing person is capable of working despite their claims

When many people take to social media sites to post photos or status updates, they fail to consider who may in fact be looking at their sites. While it may often just be their family and friends, those who are currently involved in workers’ compensation or disability claims can almost always be sure their employer, insurance companies, and possibly even private investigators are also scanning their sites to see what is being posted.

What are They Looking For on Social Media Sites?

When employers, insurance companies, and private investigators are looking at social media sites, they are seeking to find certain types of evidence. For example, they will look for status updates or photos that may indicate you are lying about or exaggerating the seriousness of your injuries. In other situations, they may be able to find information you have posted about your medical condition, such as discussing medical appointments online, to find out what doctors are saying about your condition.

What Can Happen to My Claim?

Should evidence of this nature be discovered, various things can happen. For example, your benefits may be stopped while your case is investigated. However, in a worst-case scenario, you may find yourself facing fraud charges and other criminal charges as well. Rather than let this happen, always rely on the advice of an experienced workers compensation lawyer during your claims process.

Avoiding Mistakes

To lessen the chances mistakes of this nature will be made, it is always best to take the advice of your workers compensation attorney and stay off social media as much as possible until your claim is resolved. Even the slightest mistake, such as posting the wrong photo or talking about what you think is an innocent subject, may in fact start the downfall of your claim. Therefore, always work closely with a knowledgeable workers compensation attorney from start to finish.

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Working With A Brain Injury Claim Solicitor

Medical Legal

Tips For Working With A Brain Injury Claim Solicitor

In this day and age, we are learning so much more about the human brain and the effect that trauma has on it. These long term effects can be detrimental to a person’s quality of life. It is for this reason that when such an injury takes place through no fault of your own, that you should get in touch with a brain injury claim solicitor who can help you out. There are a number of things that you should keep in mind to hire the right professional and to go through the process of filing a claim, so read on and follow these points.

#1: Listen To Your Doctor, Go To All Appointments And Get The Treatment That You Need

Listening to your doctor and following their orders is important not only for your health, but for the health of the case. If you are not abiding by your doctor’s orders, it leaves room for doubt that can poke holes in your case. The doctor’s opinion will hold a lot of weight in court if you heed their instructions. Further, you need to make sure that you stay in the best condition possible in order to get through this difficult time.

#2: Hire The Best Brain Injury Claim Solicitor You Can Find

Without question, the most important thing that you need to do is hire a quality lawyer. Not all of these lawyers are created equally, so do your due diligence and give yourself the chance of being represented by someone who is great at what they do. This means looking into previous testimonials, sitting down for a consultation and researching their track record on your own.

Take these points into consideration so that you can do your due diligence and hire the absolute best brain injury claim solicitor that your money can buy. One such barrister is Bill Braithwaite QC, who has decades of experience in this field.

#3: Be Prepared For A Potential Settlement

When it comes to brain injury claims and any other types of personal injury cases, you need to be aware that a settlement is an incredibly likely scenario. The reason for this is that upwards of 96 percent of such claims are settled before going to court. You need to make sure that you are prepared to find a fair settlement, so that you can move forward with your life and receive just compensation for your brain injuries.


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